Lifesaving kit on Royal Dornoch buggies

Royal Dornoch Golf Club


Written by: scott aitchison

Royal Dornoch has become the first golf club in the world to install defibrillators on all their buggies. Surrey businessman and ex-military trainer David Sullivan and former England international footballer John Salako joined forces three years ago to promote widespread access to defibrillators. “This is a golf club which is rated among the top ten best in the world and renowned for looking after members and guests who have included President Bill Clinton and many other high-profile personalities.”

Royal Dornoch general manager Neil believes other golf clubs will embrace the concept. “We have had one at the clubhouse and at the half-way house for several years. “Now we have installed a Phillips AED on all five buggies that are hired out to golfers with medical conditions. Another is used by our roving ranger and that could prove particularly invaluable if someone is in distress. Code Blue CPR offers a support package to golf clubs and he noted that defibrillators with an eight-year guarantee require no maintenance as they self-analyse every day and alert staff of any issues, such as a low battery. The company’s website also carries an in-depth tutorial page.

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