Landmark reservoir project ensures water security

The Scandinavian Golf Club


The Scandinavian has recently completed a landmark sustainability project, completing a 5-hectare, 100,000-cubic meter reservoir, ensuring sustainable water security for the years ahead. Built in a naturally low-lying area, the middle 1.4ha were dug out to a depth of 4m, with the resulting concentration of water ensuring a constant supply throughout even the driest summers.

Indeed, the project naturally complements our irrigation system which, though a vast network of pumps, around 100km of drains and 90km of irrigation pipes, recycles every drop of water that falls on the property. Water can be moved freely around the property, meaning that any excess can be moved and stored in the reservoir to sit and wait to be used as and when necessary.

The reservoir fits naturally into the over 100ha of forest, lakes and marshes that make up around half of The Scandinavian’s property, providing increased biodiverse habitat for numerous rare and important species - including kingfishers and salamanders – and puts us in the enviable position of having access to a sustainable and reliable source of water whilst lessening our impact on the surrounding environment.

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