Lahinch Golf Club allocate financial support towards community fund

Lahinch Golf Club


Lahinch Golf Club has always had a very close relationship with the local community. Conscious of the Club’s high profile as a successful business and a significant employer in the local area and the enjoyment and benefit its members and visitors extract from the locality, the Club has established a Community Support Fund to assist in furthering beneficial programmes and developments locally.

The introduction of a Community Fund highlights the Club’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and prosperous community. This financial support will enable local initiatives to thrive and make a positive impact on the lives of those living within the local community. Whether it's the revitalisation of public spaces, the creation of recreational facilities, or the implementation of environmentally friendly projects, by investing in such initiatives Lahinch Golf Club acknowledges the importance of creating a sustainable future while promoting the overall well-being of the local area and its people.

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