Inviting children to learn about the local Weaver bird

Safaa Golf Club

Saudi Arabia

Written by: nic davies

Here at Safaa Golf Club, we have annually in excess of 160 different species out of a total of nearly 250 different registered species visit our Biodiversity stop. The most interesting species to visit is the Weaver bird, mainly because of its intricately built nests. These nests fascinate the various school groups who come and visit Safaa golf club as part of their Nature/Sustainable environment awareness lessons.

Weavers are so named for their elaborately woven nests. The nests vary in size, shape, material used, and construction techniques from species to species. Materials used for building nests include fine leaf fibers, grass, and twigs. We love telling the children the story associated with the male birds building multiple nests to try and impress a potential mate, eventually can be three or more nests built until the male finds a suitable female to move in!

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