Introduction of LIGNUM Tees as a sustainable alternative

Ostschweizerischer Golf Club


Written by: Frenzy Huber

No, it's not plastic. The LIGNUM golf tee is crafted from wood and plant materials, along with natural adhesives. These components are meticulously processed into microscopic particles, which are then shaped into a sophisticated tee using injection molding machines.

By choosing LIGNUM tee, you're teeing off for a climate-neutral and CO2-friendly golfing experience. Moreover, our tees are manufactured without the involvement of child labour and are packed by disabled workers. And, naturally, they are biodegradable, ensuring an environmentally friendly choice for your game.

Through the introduction of these tees at our club, we aim to cultivate a community of golfers who are enthusiastic about exchanging their plastic tees for sustainable alternatives. By making this switch, our members contribute to waste reduction and minimise their environmental footprint. 

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