Introducing walking trails for local residents

Jumeirah Golf Estates

United Arab Emirates

Written by: Mark Tupling

Jumeirah Golf Estates is a Residential Golf Community that brings great pride for those fortunate enough to own and live here. Since the homes were occupied in 2014 onwards, the club has taken a very strict stance on trespassing both from residents and also from members on the general public and contractors who may be trying to take shortcuts. This has been done to ensure the safety of those who may be unaware of the game of golf but also for the protection and enjoyment of our members and guests.

However, this is not a sustainable approach. In 2019 we have taken a new approach to engage with the community and non-golfing residents to use the golf course as an area of recreation, exercise and dog walking and have communicated to all residents, times and walking trails they can use. Golf Courses are only playable in the daytime at Jumeirah Golf Estates and we hope that everyone will now be able to enjoy our wonderful green spaces at dawn and dusk.

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