Innovative rainwater harvesting

Killiney Golf Club


Written by: Niall Keyes

The club had one water tank with a 1.2 million litre capacity which was supplied by a borehole on the course but this was unreliable. After embarking on the install of a new irrigation system, which for the first time would include our teeing grounds, the project would increase our requirement for water. To support this, the club built a pond feature on the 9th hole with the capacity to double the amount of water stored for irrigation purposes. Part of the irrigation project was to redirect some of that rainfall from the adjacent hill into the new pond. However, this was not sufficient to meet all our requirements. To achieve the volume of water required annually, we connected our drainage points from the roof of the clubhouse to the piping that was laid to harvest water from the hill. This connection represents about one-third of our roof space. We estimate that because of this, the club is now harvesting an additional 700,000 litres of water annually.

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