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草坪是高尔夫运动中十分重要的一个因素。在计划加入GEO项目之前,威高温泉高尔夫已经连续多年利用人工的方法对球场草坪的杂草进行清除。其作用一是减少农药的使用、保护环境,二是让球会全员参与到草坪养护中去,感受大自然的色彩与生意盎然的景致。 每年的4月至9月份,每周固定的时间,球会组织全员参与到劳动中去,通常是每周三早上7点至9点30分,参与者按照分组划定责任区域对草坪进行作业。球会的管理者对各自区域内的完成情况进行检查,以达到期望的草坪质量。当然,夏天是比较热的,工作的时候十分辛苦。 鼓励员工参加志愿劳动,场地内的杂草以通过人工拔除的方式替代除草剂的使用,2021年共计组织拔草12次,累计782人次参加,志愿活动时长1110小时。

The turf is a very important factor in golf. Before planning to join the GEO project, Wego Hot Springs Golf has been using artificial methods to weed the golf course lawn for many years. Its role is to reduce the use of pesticides, protect the environment, and let the whole club feel the natural color and vibrant scenery.

Every year from April to September, at a fixed time of the week, the club organizes the entire staff to participate in hand weeding. The participants work on the lawn according to the assigned responsibility area. The Club’s management inspects the performance in their respective areas to achieve the desired turf quality. 2021 has seen 12 organized 12 weeding sessions, with 782 participants taking part in a total of 1110 hours of voluntary activities.

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