Great care taken to protect trees at Aphrodite Hills Resort

Aphrodite Hills Golf


Written by: Aphrodite Hills Golf

With one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning backdrops, Aphrodite Hills Resort was determined that the natural beauty of Aphrodite Hills’ 234-hectare (578 acres) site would be carefully preserved and maintained, whilst developing and managing the resort.

Aphrodite Hills is situated across two elevated plateaux on either side of the Randidi Gorge, a natural ravine and public nature reserve, which is surrounded by the Randi Forest, an area protected by the Cyprus Government’s Department of Forestry.

Dominating the site landscape are around 7,000 olive and carob trees. A huge programme of transplanting trees has been undertaken to preserve those that would have been affected by the construction process. Having been cared for during construction within an on-site nursery, these trees are now being carefully re-introduced to their original landscape.

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