Exciting seed cover for wildlife

Ragnies Golf Club


Written by: Antoine Hardy

With our course being an in-land type of links, we do not have many trees but instead "wasteland" areas (4.3 ha) where we are able to implant all sorts of cover for wildlife. These areas have a good soil texture but are out of play and therefore not sowed with grass. For the past 6 years, we have put a cover, this year being the best one for our wildlife due to covid and lack of players. This year's mix mostly consisted of forest rye and red clover with other varieties like wheat, oats, barley. It gave us a lot of colour for the aesthetic part and a perfect cover for animals. It will stay there throughout winter so they can feed with the leftover grain and a new mix will be sow next spring. - Animals seen: Hares and pheasants in high quantity. Last couple of partridge observed in our area. Luscinia svecica (Gorgebleue à miroir) and Goldfinch (both rare nowadays). And so on - This process allows us to keep those areas mostly clean from undesirable weeds and this chemical free.

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