Embracing energy efficiency during the winter

Golf Lipperswil AG


During the winter of 2022/2023, Golf Lipperswil proactively responded to the escalating costs of energy, particularly electricity, by implementing sustainable measures for the benefit of both the environment and our members. In a bid to minimise energy consumption, the Club-Storage facility, known as the Caddy Hall, was transitioned to operate without electricity. With the exception of essential lighting for safety purposes, all power was effectively shut down from December through to March.

Furthermore, in an effort to optimise energy usage and streamline winter operations, the guest changing rooms were temporarily closed during the winter months. This decision not only contributed to reduced energy consumption but also minimised cleaning time and costs. During this period, guests were kindly invited to utilise the Member facility, ensuring continued convenience and comfort. 

Recognising the reduced usage of electric trolleys during the winter season, our members embraced these measures and expressed appreciation for the club's conscientious approach towards sustainability. This collective effort demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices and highlights the importance of responsible energy management.

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