Dryject+SAP technology

Centro Nacional De Formação De Golfe Do Jamor


Written by: Alexandra Almeida

Aware that water is a limiting factor for the sustainable development of golf, the FPG promoted the first test application of the Dryject+SAP technology on golf courses in Portugal. Having started in August 2020, in partnership with Áreagolfe/Vibeiras and Agroinsider, the implementation of a pilot project aimed at reducing the volumes of water consumed in irrigation on the Jamor golf course through the injection of potassium polyacrylates (SAP) into the soil, allowing this resource to be made available according to the needs of the plants. According to the test coordinator, founder of Agroinsider and Associate Professor at the University of Évora José Marques da Silva, "DryJet+SAP proved in specific situations and on a small scale (preliminary tests) to be a very interesting tool in significantly saving water for irrigating golf courses and consequently everything else associated with it, including reducing energy costs (pumping) and the sustainability of resource use.”

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