Developing naturalized areas gives the course great character

Millbrook Resort

New Zealand

Written by: Will Bowden

The Club has been committed to reducing the total area of mown and managed rough over the past 3 years. In order to achieve this, the green-keeping team identified a number of areas that had the potential to be converted to a more 'naturalised' state and communicated these proposed areas via Club newsletters and organised Club meetings.

Following some amendments to the extent of areas proposed, the process of naturalising parts of the golf course commenced. A range of methodologies have been employed to regain the natural dominance of native turfgrass species such as NZ browntop bent and fine fescue within these areas. Initial treatment required chemical intervention with Haloxyfop and spot spraying of invasive (undesirable) species such as Kikuyu and broadleaf weeds. Over time management could become more cultural and less chemical-based. Today, the areas around the course have become a feature of the site and a characteristic that members often comment positively upon.

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