Detailed flora and fauna inventory with volunteers

Golfclub De Hoge Kleij


Written by: Jaap Petraeus

Golf club De Hoge Kleij is located on the Landgoed De Treek Henschoten. The valuable nature reserve has a great wealth of flora and fauna. The golf club provides ecosystem services to the estate in the form of groundwater storage, food for insects through flowering plants and shrubs and CO2 sequestration in the soil. In order to get a good grip on the rich flora and fauna, we held a nature inventory in 2020 by the local association of field biology. Many volunteers spent months making an inventory of the birds, bats, plants, mosses, lichens, mammals, moths, butterflies, galls, ants and reptiles present. The survey will be presented to the members of the golf club in the spring of 2021.

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