Creation of a kitchen garden

Brocket Hall


Written by: Jonathan Taylor

Our kitchen garden initiative has been underway for over a year, and huge, tasty progress has been made. The acre garden is situated on the left-hand side of the 18th fairway on the Melbourne course, beside our on-site restaurant, Auberge du Lac.

The kitchen gardeners put sustainability and nature-based solutions at the forefront of their project. Nasturtiums and marigolds are planted alongside allotment rows to prevent pests. The nasturtium produces a bright orange flower which attracts ladybirds. These winged beetles and their larvae prey on aphids, a pest that feeds on the crops. This innovative solution removes the need for insecticides, therefore protecting biodiversity.

Mushroom compost is a favourite of gardeners; it makes use of waste products, is high in organic matter, and retains water. Its weed seed-free properties prevent unnecessary labour or chemicals to treat weeds. This is combined with the use of recycled woodchip paths, further suppressing weeds.

The end result is the Auberge du Lac chefs incorporating seasonally grown, organic crops into delightful dishes. This reduces our costs, provides delicious local produce, and promotes biodiversity.

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