Creating Gorse area to replace high maintenance bunker.

Thornbury Golf Centre


Written by: Robin Cheney

A large fairway bunker that took significant maintenance and required regular additions of non-native sand and pesticide applications was removed. The bunker was filled using native soil, recycled greens and tee's cores. Once filled, the area was seeded and Gorse (Ulex) was planted on the site. The Gorse has provided an important strategic addition to the hole by making the golfer either lay up or play to the right making the hole play as a dog-leg as a Hawtree design intended; a true risk/reward option of trying to drive over the hazard. Several bird species and mammals take shelter in the gorse bushes as they are so dense and provide great protection during harsh weather. Gorse flowers are a good source of nectar for bees and butterflies.

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