Continuous species and cultivar selection for a demanding site

Tapiola Golf


Written by: Gavin O'Mahoney

Tapiola Golf was seeded almost entirely with a variety of Fine Fescues which are the traditional grass species of links golf courses. Fescues were chosen for their tolerance to the unique stress factors at the site, which include drought, wind, water and sun. An ongoing selection of tolerant cultivars is based on results from green trials (SCANGREEN) and short cut lawn and wear trials (SCANTURF) as well as continuous tests on-site. As the golf course has matured and the patterns of wear & tear have become more apparent; the selection of suitable species has broadened, and there has been an improvement in the fine-tuning of maintenance practices to better deal with the challenges of thatch, divots and peatland subsidence. The aim is to allow the plants to grow to their genetic potential and provide a unique and enjoyable playing surface for our members & visitors.

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