Coffee upgrades to help reduce environmental impact

North Hants Golf Club


Written by: Angela Simms

Our House Manager was introduced to Pedron Caffé based on a recommendation from another golf club. The coffee beans used by Pedron Caffé are sourced directly from plantations, ensuring a direct and sustainable supply chain. Furthermore, all their supplies hold the Rainforest Alliance certification, where an emphasis is placed on preserving the natural environment.

Pedron Caffé also provides unique sugar bowls made from recycled card, helping minimising waste, with their packaging designed to be 100% recyclable whenever possible, reducing the environmental impact of the products.

By working with Pedron Caffé, we have successfully reduced our "food miles" by adopting a flexible delivery schedule that meets our specific needs, eliminating unnecessary transportation and associated emissions. Any remaining coffee grounds are then used in our vegetable garden, serving as a natural fertiliser.

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