Bug hotel launched at The Celtic Manor Resort

The Celtic Manor Resort


Written by: Gary Connell

The Celtic Manor Resort is embarking on an exciting journey to enhance the well-being of our local wildlife and environment. As part of our environmental initiatives, we are delighted to introduce the first of many planned "bug hotels." These structures will serve as safe havens and hibernation spots for a diverse array of creatures, including insects, mammals, amphibians, and birds.

The bug hotels will be strategically placed throughout our enchanting woodland walk areas, providing both our guests and conference delegates with the opportunity to connect with nature.

This is all part of our bigger commitment to the environment initiative to expand into our 1400 acre site and will include bird and bat boxes, bee hives producing honey to be sold in the resort retail outlets and home grown fruit and vegetables for use in the kitchens. Vast areas around the resort are left to remain wild and thus support all manner of wildlife as do the many mature woodland and wetland areas which are ideal habitats for native and visiting wild birds.

We also have many species of dragon fly, itself an indication of a healthy environment. We are currently looking at ways to compost food waste from the kitchens which we will use on the flower beds around the resort producing flowers for our bees to thrive on. Another important commitment which will be undertaken is to produce wild flower beds encouraging pollinators and will add interest for all guests, visitors and staff.

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