Bird boxes: a community nesting project

Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination


Written by: Bianca Mignon Pronk

In the town of Åhus, the children from our local school have eagerly taken part in a unique project – assembling and painting their very own bird boxes for our golf course. This initiative was made possible through the generous support of Optimera, a local hardware store that provided the necessary materials.

What makes this endeavor even more special is that the bird boxes were crafted from the very wood packaging that Optimera uses for their supplies. Instead of discarding this wood, they repurposed it, cutting it into the required dimensions, and donated it to the school for use in this meaningful project.

Projects like these hold immense significance as they not only strengthen the bond between our golf course and the local community but also instill a sense of pride and a fresh perspective on what golf courses can offer. For the school children, this engagement with nature and our golf course is a source of excitement and inspiration, especially given the possibility that they or their parents may become future members of Kristianstads Golf Klubb.

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