Beyond the golf course

US Kids Venice Open


The sustainability program at the US Kids Venice Open is led by the highest level of commitment by many stakeholders and not confined to the golf course. The hotels are an integral part of the event with tournament organizers selecting hotels with clear sustainability policies, activities and high-performance levels. The official JSH Group hotels work across the spectrum of potential sustainability impacts in operations and management. Encouraging different forms of transport during the event, the venues are provided with a safe cycle-park, and 40 bicycles were provided to US Kids families by the JSH Group hotels. The official hotels also provided the opportunity to charge the electric cars with three charging points. Using shuttle buses connecting the venues, hotels and airport further reduced the impact of transportation. And when looking for an alternative activity to the golf, the hotels advertised local tours for family and participants offering free entry passes for Esapolis, the largest living insect museum of Europe.

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