Bees populations protected in South Africa

Silver Lakes Golf Estate

South Africa

Written by: Craig Corbett

Our intention at Matkovich is to utilize the golf courses as an urban green ecological zone to create apiary sites where beehives can be housed and protected. With the declining bee populations locally and globally, urban areas are fast becoming the last bastions for bees. Our aim is to protect bees and set up urban apiary sites in areas where the bees can be managed safely.

By creating carefully managed apiary sites, the number and frequency of feral bee colonies and swarms around the courses will be greatly reduced as the carrying capacity of the region will be saturated. This means that wild swarms should not settle in unwanted locations on the courses. Further to this, BeeBru, our partner offers bee services free of charge and would ask the courses not to kill any unwanted feral beehives found throughout their property. Any honey harvested from these hives will be processed, bottled and labelled. BeeBru sells the honey produced on the courses to the clubhouses so that golfers can taste honey from Silver Lakes.

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