Beekeeping at Carton Estate

Carton House Golf Club


Thomas Clancy has been resident beekeeper at Carton House since 2017, after deciding to approach Carton House to seek permission to move his Apiary to the luscious parkland of over one thousand acres. The Golf Course Superintendent, John Plummer, sought out potential suitable sites with Thomas and together they chose one at the edge of a large ancient woodland.

The Apiary's bees are "Black Irish Bees" of the "Apis Melifera Melifera" species, particularly suited to the Irish Climate and have a tolerance to cold and damp unlike many of the imported hybrid species. The bees in Carton are truly in a five star property with ample foraging in all seasons. Due to the organic greenkeeping practices at Carton and lack of pesticides, our colonies in the expansive parkland can produce the purest of honey in abundance.

The Rye River which runs through the estate is in pristine condition giving the bees access to clean water which also supports many varieties of fish and aquatic creatures. All in all the Carton Apiary produces the purest unprocessed raw honey available and is enjoyed by guests, hotel staff, and the general public.

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