Beehive on the course helps pollinate flowers and berries

Suur-Helsingin Golf Lakisto


Written by: Tiina Kotajärvi

Beehives on the course serve multiple purposes. Primarily, they play a crucial role in pollinating flowers, fostering a community of bees. The surrounding landscape features an array of fruits, such as blueberries, wild raspberries, and lingonberries, all reliant on insects for pollination. With the presence of bees, the pollination process is enhanced, potentially doubling the yield of these berries.

In addition to their pollination duties, bees yield a valuable byproduct: honey, which can be harvested for use in locally sourced products. Furthermore, bees can act as indicators of the overall health of the course which can assist use in our future management techniques. Through the introduction of hives, we aim to bolster local bee populations and nurture a thriving ecosystem which is indicative of our courses health.

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