Amazing success using recycled green waste as compost

Le Golf National


A few years ago, our partners from the national history museum suggested we try to create our own compost. After some time accumulating green waste, we discovered a good way to use it intelligently.

It consisted of a new disposition of our compost area so it allowed us to have an easy dumping spot inside, close to our buildings. Next, we experimented with planting seeds inside a layer of usable compost laid down on a superposition of branches, leaves & grass not decomposed yet.

It worked so well that we decided to develop this experience on a bigger surface. Now, we have 300 m2 of sustainable vegetable garden that we distribute to the staff & the restaurant of the site.

The absence of watering, fertilising and treatment has been so miraculous in the growing of big & tasty vegetables that we now have the plan to try develop a golfing surface on that model (even if we prefer staying modest & discreet before proving anything).

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