A warm and colourful welcome

Ostschweizerischer Golf Club


Written by: Frenzy Huber

"Months and years pass by, but a beautiful moment shines through life" (Franz Grillparzer). 

Each spring, the display of colour at our clubhouse entrance captivates the eyes of golfers. Some of these Rhododendrons have graced our grounds for 75 years, standing as timeless symbols of natural beauty alongside the azaleas, greeting visitors from spring through the end of summer.

Resilient against winter's chill, these plants maintain their backdrop even during the dormant season, requiring minimal upkeep and subsequent resources. Thriving in various conditions, from sunny spots to shade, they prefer acidic soil, rendering them adaptable to environmental changes.

The Rhododendron serves as a haven for winged creatures, offering a nectar source for butterflies while providing shelter and nesting sites for birds amidst its dense foliage. 

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