A unique collaboration with Network Rail to preserve biodiversity

Beaconsfield Golf Club


Beaconsfield Golf Club finds itself in a truly exceptional situation, as an active railway line cuts through the picturesque course. Given this circumstance, Network Rail has assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the railway embankment areas that surround the club. Recently, Network Rail informed the club of their plans to carry out extensive tree work along the track, directly impacting the course.

Recognising the potential reduction in biodiversity and the alteration of the course's character, the club took a proactive approach and decided to collaborate with the Network Rail team. Working hand in hand, these two organisations successfully revised the initial tree removal plans, thus preserving the invaluable character and ecosystem of this unique tree line.

By closely cooperating, the club and Network Rail managed to reduce the number of trees originally slated for removal while ensuring that the rail track remains safe from any potential damage. This collaborative effort guarantees the preservation of as much of the tree line as possible, striking a delicate balance between conservation and the avoidance of elevated risks.

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