A home for over 40 bird species

Jumeirah Golf Estates

United Arab Emirates

Written by: Mark Tupling

Jumeirah Golf Estates has two golf courses, each with its own unique flora and fauna. Over the past few months, we have been busy mapping the various bird species that we have living within them and have uncovered a few amazing facts about bird life within our urban corridor. The Earth Course is a more typical parkland course with large trees, shrubs and lakes, the forest floor has a thin covering of bark mulch which is a perfect place for insects to live.

The Fire Course has far fewer trees and these are primarily native. Outside the turf corridors, Fire has large areas of open native grasses which host a different set of bird species than Earth. We have created an environment for birds to thrive by providing shelter, food sources and sanctuary; across parkland, savanna grassland, lakes and scrub. Our current bird count is nearing 40 varieties many of which are native to the UAE and at least one of which has an IUCN Conservation status of being vulnerable.

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