65,000 golf balls retrieved from aquatic habitats

Golf Lipperswil AG


Written by: Ian Gibbons

In the year 2022, Golf Lipperswil embarked on a collaboration with Mr. Bernhard Panier and Golfballdivers to retrieve an astounding number of golf balls from the lakes surrounding our Golf Course. A remarkable total of over 65,000 balls were rescued from these aquatic habitats. This joint effort not only resulted in the cleansing of the lakes from plastic golf waste but also uncovered various other submerged items, including golf clubs, handbags, and an electric trolley complete with its battery. It is estimated that some of these items had remained underwater for at least two years.

This remarkable endeavor was carried out seamlessly within a span of just two days, with the dedicated team of three divers ensuring minimal disruption to golf operations and the overall experience of our golfers. The retrieved golf balls eere then transported to Sweden for thorough industrial cleaning and recycling. The recycled golf balls were subsequently made available for purchase by golfers, offering them the opportunity to play with "golf balls with prior experience."

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