6,000 litres of fuel saved per year

Bogogno Golf Resort


Written by: Alberto Peonia

An all-around commitment into a sustainable energy policy has helped Bogogno Golf Resort save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Bogogno Golf Resort is a 36-hole European Tour Qualifying School venue. In 2014 we adopted a sustainable energy policy, undertaking the following:

  1. installation of a 8,14 Kw photovoltaic system on the hotel roof; the hotel itself was built in 2014 using recyclable materials and has a First Class energy efficiency classification;
  2. creation of several charging points for customer's electric cars;
  3. purchase of three hybrid reel mowers as part of an investment programme into the future of our course management.

The last-mentioned action, together with a watering reduction on our fairways that resulted in a reduced mowing frequency, has helped us to reduce the diesel consumption by 6000 litres per year since 2014, saving around €8000 per year.

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