Since 1764 renovations have been common place on golf courses around the world, whether they are big or small, long or short term, more often than not there is something going on. But how often do we stop and think about the overall impact these changes are having on the course and the sustainability of the course.

Chances are, the impacts are more significant than you think and they often fly under the radar. This service has been designed to help golf facilities to recognise the importance and impact that renovations have on them as a club and how to get the most out of them, in the short and long term.

Working together

Given the diverse nature of renovations, the support we offer varies depending on the scale and complexity of the proposed works. Throughout the renovation, we are available to offer support and advice to the project team, including what might be best for the club, its members and the surrounding environment. It is worth noting that the project may actually be a fit for the GEO Certified® Development process if it is breaking new ground.

The support we offer comes in many shapes and sizes tailored to what you need and can include; a kick start of the facilities OnCourse® profile page, the creation of baseline sustainability information to measure the success of improvement projects, support and guidance toward GEO Certified status, a sustainable renovation blueprint and 10-year action plans for incremental improvements across the facility as well as recognition on our global platform.

Please get in touch to discuss your improvement plans and find out how we can best help your planned and future renovations to be as sustainable as possible and how we can help you get the recognition you deserve.

Project Blueprint

The Project Blueprint is created to celebrate the design and construction of the renovations being carried out. Highlighting the sustainability efforts taken during the renovations and the positive impacts that have been gained as a result of the work and putting these into a communicable way for your members and stakeholders.


Celebrate your renovation project's design and construction as well as the achievements of the team across global media. Ensuring your efforts in sustainability gain the recognition they deserve and providing a clear way of communicating the outcomes of the club's investment to your members.

Project Roadmap

The Project Roadmap takes a wider and longer look at the club, looking at what renovations they can program over the next 10-15 years. Discussing the benefits of each renovation as well as offering suggested prioritising for the club.

Scaleable Work

No matter the size or scale of your renovation we have a service that will work for you. Each of our services is scaleable to what you require, whether it is global promotion, a before & after assessment or a long-term renovation plan. 

Creating a partnership 

While we offer many services to help your renovation, at the core of what we offer is the fostering of a partnership. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the renovations going on at your club and the ways that these changes impact your club, operations and finances. This partnership with GEO allows us to act as a sounding board for your ideas, whether it be for a one of project or a longer multi-year plan, we will be available to offer our advice and recommendations.

Tailored to your club 


For more information on how we can assist you with your renovation project and ensure you get the recognition deserved, click here.

Sustainable Renovations Guide

Our Sustainable Renovations Guidelines have been developed with golf facilities in mind. The publication is aimed at those courses embarking on an improvement project of any kind. It shares examples of renovations around the world that have had a positive impact on the course itself and operations as well as offering advice and thoughts on key factors that are involved in renovations.

For more information of how we can help with your renovation project please get in touch here.

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