Embracing naturalization

Keilir Golf Club, Iceland

Since gaining our first GEO certification in 2014, we have been looking at reducing the amount of mowed rough areas. The whole site used to be more or less mowed, with two rough mowers constantly running through the summer months. On average we spent over 500 hrs a year mowing rough between 2006-2013. In 2014 we identifying rough areas that we wanted to "let loose". We managed to reduce mowing by 27%. Three years later we have identified quite a few areas that have been allowed to grow wild. The reduction in mowing time is down by 46% to 270 hrs and the savings we are seeing are more than $9,000! On top of that, we are close to replacing our rough mowers, and this time it will be one mower less to replace. Money aside we have seen increased biodiversity, with birdlife being the most noticeable, and in terms of playability, so far we have not seen any increase in round times either.

Submitted by Bjarni Hannesson

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