How to get involved in sustainability and climate action at your course

Golf has an excellent opportunity to be recognized for its value - and to do more. Sustainable golf covers four main topics: Fostering nature, conserving resources, taking climate action and strengthening communities.

These can be implemented across the club so that everyone who works there and enjoys playing there is pulling in the same direction for a more sustainable future.

Golfers have a role to play in encouraging their clubs to keep up the momentum and do even more for the future of the course and the planet. Here are just some examples of sustainable golf in action. You can browse through over 1,200 success stories in the Sustainable Golf Highlights Hub.


From installing energy-efficient lighting to sourcing local ingredients for the kitchen (or growing many of these on-site), there are several ways clubhouses can be made more sustainable in their day-to-day operations. Exploring more sustainable supply chains can save money and also set a positive example for other businesses in the local area as well as members and visitors. Many clubs have installed solar panels to generate electricity for the clubhouse and maintenance facilities.


Golf courses can be a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna, from the most common species to the rarest. With only around 50% of the land a golf course occupies being in-play, there’s lots of scope for things such as wildflower meadows to help the look of the course and boost local pollinator numbers.

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Golf courses can also play an essential role in strengthening communities. Positive social impacts include raising money for charities and offering free or discounted meeting spaces for local groups. There’s also the health and wellbeing aspect of the game, which provides an important way for people to meet others and exercise outdoors.


When you Speak Up #ForSustainableGolf at your club, it could be the catalyst for positive change. Many sustainable golf practices are better for the environment but also great for the business side of the club, so don’t be afraid to let your course know if you see something that could be improved for a win-win situation. You can also take simple steps as a golfer to make a difference and spark conversations at your club.

How can you play your part as a golfer?

There are several things you can do to become a more sustainable golfer. These can be small changes that make a positive impact.

Whether you’ve already started your sustainability journey on the course or are looking to get involved, there are some ideas below.

Join the growing community of people across courses, developments, tours and tournaments. It’s time to Pitch In #ForSustainableGolf

Get your golf club to join the Sustainable Golf Community by taking one or more of the following steps:

  • Email GEO Foundation to find out more
  • Point the club staff to this website where they can learn more about the free OnCourse programme for sustainability and climate action in golf
  • Learn more about flying the flag for sustainable golf with the sport’s most widely regarded international ecolabel - GEO Certified

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