Club and Course Managers

The following individuals are commended for their work to integrate sustainability into course and club operations – fostering nature, conserving resources, taking climate action and strengthening communities.

Eligibility is measured through annual participation in the OnCourse programme, and leadership through at least two certifications, or one certification while also going above and beyond to promote sustainable golf to a wider audience. 

Scott Aitchison

Deputy Head greenkeeper, Royal Dornoch, Scotland

"At Royal Dornoch Golf Club we are a rural site of stunning beauty, thriving with flora and fauna. We are responsible for a massive area of land which in itself is diverse. We are consciously adapting, changing our mindset, learning together and giving priority status to the decisions we take running our business in the most environmentally sustainable way that we can."

Certified twice at Royal Dornoch

David Bataller

Director of Agronomy at PGA Catalunya Resort, Spain

"I believe in sustainability which starts with myself; being vegan, eating local and seasonal food, having solar panels at home, driving an electric car and living very close to work. So why wouldn’t I be sustainable on the golf courses where I work?"

Certified twice at PGA Catalunya Resort

Graeme Beatt

Course Manager at Royal Portrush Golf Club, Ireland

"We as a club and as a team realise that we are responsible for a precious diverse piece of land, and this is paramount in planning of future development. We are constantly striving to improve areas of the business whether it be through changes to the course, the way we manage, or reduction in waste and involvement with the local community."

Certified twice at Royal Portrush Golf Club

Craig Boath

Links Superintendent at Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland

"As a team we are proud to continually improve to keep our courses as sustainable as possible, making sure that our environmental stewardship is at the core of the running of our facilities allowing a wide variety of community user groups to enjoy what we provide all year round at the Carnoustie Golf Links". 

Certified three times at Carnoustie Golf Links

Paul Carter, CGCS

Superintendent at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay, USA

"Protecting and preserving the habitat for the wildlife, birds, and insects on our golf course is as important to us as providing championship playing conditions for our golfers and allows us to be the community leader in sustainability programmes".

Certified twice at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay - Read more

Christine Chan

Superintendent at The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau, Hong Kong

"We are proud of our track record in converting a barren and fire degraded island to an ecologically enriched space with significantly increased biodiversity and abundant habitats. It’s my passion to combine golf and nature and provide the highest standard playing conditions to the Hong Kong public."

Certified three times at The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau

Spencer Cooper

Golf Course Superintendent at Remuera Golf Club, New Zealand

"When I decided to make a career out of managing golf courses, I thought it'd be great to combine my passion for golf and nature. I believe that managed correctly, high quality courses can be great fun to play and provide a wonderful space for nature to thrive."

Certified twice at Remuera Golf Club

Howard Craft

Club Manager at Berkhamsted Golf Club, England

"Sustainability makes complete sense to our business operations. There are numerous sustainable initiatives that can be implemented within a golf club, that not only benefit the biodiversity of the site but also reduce cost pressures as well as help to save on utilities."

Certified once at Berkhamstead Golf Club and instrumental in formalising 10 BGL group certifications

Amanda Dorans

Sustainability Manager at Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland

"Environmental stewardship is woven into the very fabric that is Dundonald Links. The club was always looking for new ways to improve its social and environmental contribution; whether by working closely with suppliers to reduce waste, reviewing operating procedures or expanding nature conservation interest over and outwith the golf course."

Certified three times as a greenkeeper at Dundonald Links - Read more

Archie Dunn

Course Manager at Auchterarder Golf Club, Scotland

"GEO and sustainability have been at the forefront of our management practices over the past decade. We aim to achieve best practice results within our limited staffing levels and available budgets on a yearly basis.”

Certified twice at Auchterarder Golf Club

Rob Hay

Course manager at Northamptonshire County Golf Club, England

“My philosophy has always been to manage the environment and have a golf course running seamlessly through it, providing equal opportunity for golfers and wildlife to enjoy and share the same space. Northamptonshire isn’t well known for its heathlands, and I’m thrilled to be part of a Club that recognises its role as custodian to enhance and preserve this rare environment for the benefit of future generations.”

Certified twice at Northamptonshire County Golf Club

Albert Holmgeirsson

Assistant Head Greenkeeper at Oslo Golf Club, Norway

"At Oslo Golfklubb we are proud to be a pioneer in sustainability work in the golf sector in Norway. The work has been inspiring, and it really gives the whole team a better understanding of how we can achieve our goal of becoming more sustainable."

Certified three times at Oslo Golf Club

Steve Johnson

Golf Course Superintendent at Al Mouj Golf, Oman

"As a superintendent, I feel it’s our responsibility to preserve and protect the wildlife and habitat on our golf courses. It’s also important to promote the sustainable programmes that take place on the courses and the positive impact these have on the environment and greater community. Our goal is to embrace the natural ecology while enhancing the golfing experience with no impact on the golfers."

Certified twice at Al Mouj Golf

Thomas Kahnt

Managing Director at Kromme Rijn, Netherlands

"My family always had a strong sense to protect our planet as do the owners of our golf course. Implementations that reduce our carbon footprint, like battery-driven mowers, led lights, habitats to stimulate fauna development or local purchase are just as important as drainage on the course or the renovation of a tee-box. We believe that every contribution to sustainability, whether it is energy, waste or biodiversity, will strengthen our position in the market and support a positive image in the surrounding community."

Certified once at Kromme Rijn and twice at Heelsum GC

Greg Kilgour

Course Manager at Elmwood Golf, Scotland

"The framework GEO provides for sustainable golf course management has been an invaluable tool for me as I stepped into my first managerial role and has helped me build a team that promotes and embeds sustainability into everything they do."

Certified three times at Elmwood Golf

Kari Kuivasaari

Club Manager at Aulanko Golf, Finland

"From a club manager perspective, I feel it's my responsibility to get the whole team to understand the importance of sustainability, not only in greenkeeping, but for the entire business. Sustainability needs to play a key role in our daily work."

Certified twice at Aulanko Golf

Simone Laureti

Club Manager at La Pinetina Golf Club, Italy

"Even before we obtained the 2007 GEO Certification, my goal was to constantly reduce the environmental impact of the club I manage. I am glad to see wider media coverage and participation in the ecological revolution we believed in."

Certified four times at La Pinetina Golf Club

Janne Lehto

Course Manager at Hirsala Golf, Finland & Chairman of Finnish Greenkeepers Association

"Environmental problems and sustainability affect everyone. I feel it is my duty and goal to try and make golf into the pioneer of environmental work and sustainability. It is our collective and individual responsibility to have the environment as first priority when it comes to decision making."

Certified three times at Hirsala Golf

João Machado

Head Greenkeeper at Troia Golf, Portugal

"Sustainability must be our guiding beacon always. My concern in all golf course management and maintenance operations that I have responsibility for, is to manage awareness of the impact we are going to have for the future. We must be fully aware of reducing our ecological footprint so that future generations can enjoy what we have today, but we can easily lose tomorrow."

Certified twice at Vidago Palace and once at Troia Golf

Paul Marley

Greenskeeper at Estonian Golf and Country Club

"As I became interested in greenkeeping I started to realize how important sustainability and the environment were with what we had to do.  Our job as greenkeepers isn´t to whip the golf course into pristine conditions by any means necessary, rather it´s to help Mother Nature do her thing and fine-tune the conditions we have to provide the best playing surfaces possible."

Certified twice at Estonian Golf and Country Club


Christopher May

Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Golf, UAE

"At Dubai Golf we believe the utilization of sustainability practices across our clubs is essential, especially in the desert environment where we operate. Sustainability is at the forefront of our colleagues' minds as we strive to improve our practices. The GEO structure gives us a framework to achieve this and ensure that all parts of the operation are considerate of the environment." 

Certified twice at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, twice at Emirates Golf Club and once at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Sean McLean

Links Superintendent at Prince’s Golf Club, England

"An important pillar of Prince’s sustainability ethos is to work with the relevant stakeholders such as Natural England and the local wildlife trust whilst carrying out significant works to the links. We have striven to take the course back to a more natural state including sandscrapes and wetland areas which offer a joint benefit of a challenge to golfers and a natural habitat."

Certified twice at Prince's Golf Club

Gordon Moir

(Retired) Head Greenkeeper at St Andrews Links Trust, Scotland

"I’m delighted to be a Sustainable Golf Champion and help promote all the great work greenkeepers do. It's now more important than ever to highlight all the benefits golf courses provide to those outside the industry."

Certified twice at St Andrews Links Trust

Richard Mullen

Course Manager at Banchory Golf Club, Scotland

"Within our professional industry we try to create the best surfaces we can, we should not however create these surfaces to any detrimental measures. We must work day-to-day with a sustainable approach to ensure not just the future of our game but the environment we live in."

Certified once at Banchory Golf Club

Matthew Perry

Director of Agronomy at Dubai Golf, UAE

"Sustainability has become very important for us all in the Middle East and we as Dubai Golf are proud to be the leaders in promoting a more environmental outlook. We work in a very diverse climate and making sure we follow best practices is what we strive for."

Certified twice at Emirates Golf Club and twice at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Sarah Ryu

Business Planning Team at CJ Logistics - Resort, Korea

"I am proud to let people know that golf is a sustainable sport by carrying out GEO sustainable activities at our golf clubs. At the moment, this action might be small, but I'm sure that it will result in more people becoming interested in the sport."

Certified once at Haesley Nine Bridges and once at The Club at Nine Bridges

Julian Small

General Manager at Foshan Golf Club, China

"As a business leader, a parent and grandparent, I recognize it is critical that we act now to ensure the long-term future of our communities is developed on a sustainable platform and want to motivate and inspire people to take action. We all know that we must focus more on sustainability, but it is important that we don’t just talk about it."

Certified once at Foshan Golf Club and also for the 2019 Foshan Open 

Gavin Sowden

Health & Safety & Golf Course Administrator at Woburn Golf Club, England

"We're striving to protect and enhance our environment and maintain our heritage in order that the game of golf can be enjoyed by future generations. We're fully committed to protecting our environment and reducing our resource footprint. We're extremely proud, that for the third consecutive time we have been awarded GEO Certification for the sustainable way we manage our business & golfing landscape."

Certified three times at Woburn Golf Club

Steven Tierney

Head Greenkeeper at Golfpark Zürichsee, Switzerland

"To us, sustainability is about providing the best possible playing conditions with the minimum input. Since our first GEO Certification in 2009, we have continuously and proudly sought this goal. Golfpark Zürichsee is dedicated to ongoing partnership, targeting and reaching new goals in sustainable golf and nature habitats."

Certified four times at Golfpark Zürichsee

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