Adrie van Der Werf

+31 630030764
Languages spoken
Dutch [native]
English [good]
German [good]


Adrie holds a PhD in ecophysiology of grassland plants from Utrecht University. He has 20 years experience in scientific research at Wageningen University, focussing primarily on multifunctional land use, restoration of species rich grasslands and biobased economy.

A Committed to Green auditor for the Dutch Golf Federation from 2005-2010, Adrie evaluated approximately 10 golf courses in the Netherlands with regards to sustainable management.

Together with the course manager Gert Mulder and Golf Course Architect Steve Marnoch, Adrie has played a significant role in the renovation of Golfbaan Heelsumse Veld – a project in which a young golf course was transformed into a modern day classic heathland course.

Adrie is a passionate golfer. His handicap sits between 9 and 10.

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