Matt Johns

United Kingdom
+44 1225 723652
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Matt is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MIEEM) with a passion for golf and for delivering the significant benefits that the sport and golf courses can provide to people, the environment and conservation of natural resources.

In his role as co-owner of multidisciplinary environmental planning consultancy, Johns Associates, and from his career in consultancy, Matt has accrued a broad range of cross-sector experience that can be applied directly to golf. He also owns a sustainable sport business, ‘Wildfit Ltd’, which designs outdoor ecogyms and parcour trails.

Matt is often involved in the planning and design stage of golf course development, can be found on site during construction works and providing support on a day to day basis working with the greenkeeping team, golf architects and course owners. This exposure to all aspects of golf course management enables him with effective problem solving skills and in providing appropriate environmental training for the course management team.

Matt’s technical work encompasses environmental impact assessment, ecological survey, habitat design, protected species survey (he holds licences for bats, great crested newt, badger, dormouse, sand lizard, smooth snake and white clawed crayfish), mitigation and licencing, the development of environmental management plans (e.g. for biodiversity, water, carbon). He also undertakes sustainability and environmental risk audits, leads Flood Risk Assessments and designs drainage systems that integrate water reuse for irrigation, wetland habitats, golfing hazards and landscape features.

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