Established with the sole purpose of helping accelerate sustainability in and through golf, GEO Foundation has been collaborating widely with partners from golf, government, NGO’s, business and science for over 15 years.


“Golf as a vibrant global sport, acclaimed for its proactive social, environmental and climate action, widely valued for an important contribution to sustainable development.”


The Foundation’s not-for-profit mission is focussed on these aims for golf and society:

  • Further improve golf’s social, environmental and climate contribution
  • Enhance the game's image, reputation and resilience
  • Help golf fulfil its potential to inspire and guide millions of followers


Key Action Areas

Industry engagement

  • Working closely with partners, leaders and influencers to inspire and educate decision makers across golf, and get them actively involved


  • Developing and supporting the OnCourse programmes and tools for facilities, new developments, tournaments, associations and players; including carbon measurement, reduction and mitigation.

Research and Innovation

  • Ensuring golf is keeping up with the latest science and approaches to sustainability, ensuring credibility, and helping to nurture innovation.

Promoting results

  • Tracking and collating data and stories to support industry insights, external relations and the celebration of golf’s progress and contributions.
Aidan Bradley

Aidan Bradley


“Everyone at GEO Foundation is passionate about golf becoming a leader in sustainability and climate action. We are motivated to help the sport build on all it has done to date and the value it already provides.  To act as effectively as possible in response to the obvious need and urgency.  Embracing its opportunity and its responsibility, and establishing a place in history as the sport which did the most, when it was needed most.” 

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