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As the urgency around sustainability and climate action becomes ever more significant, your involvement is essential to help raise awareness around sustainable golf, share current examples of dedicated work worldwide, and motivate more people in the sport to get involved.

More and more golf facilities and tournaments are focussing on sustainable practices. Still, there’s always more people to reach and more to be done to foster nature, conserve resources, take climate action, and strengthen communities.

And that’s why this movement needs your support. To add your voice to amplify core messages and reach new audiences. To engage people within golf and beyond the sport, share a more accurate picture than the negative perceptions many still have. You can be at the heart of driving sustainability in and through golf.

How we can help

Dedicated entirely to sustainable golf for more than fifteen years, GEO Foundation is available any time to provide content to help you communicate credibly and effectively with your audiences on this topic.

With years of knowledge and experience across sustainable golf facilities, tournaments and new developments, the team would be delighted to contribute to articles, podcasts, video interviews, case studies and thought leadership pieces. 

You can also draw more frequent and deeper content for free with permission from the website, news section and social media, with quoted as the original source.

Please also visit the gallery of Sustainable Golf Highlights – more than one thousand real-world examples shared by courses and tournaments worldwide, with new highlights coming in every week. You can filter by country or theme to find examples suited to your story.

Find bios for all our team members here and a range of other assets including headshots and logos below:


Please contact our Director of Professional Golf Engagement and Communications Roddy Williams for any media-related inquiries:

You may also want to get even more involved in the community as a sustainable golf media partner.



Thank you for helping golf step forward as a more sustainable sport ... we look forward to working with you.

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