GEO Certified is a comprehensive modern certification, developed to the highest credibility standard, to help golf facilities, developments and tournaments demonstrate and be recognized for their environmental and social responsibility.

Internationally accredited, endorsed widely across golf, trusted by communities … GEO Certified is an accolade to display with confidence and pride.

The GEO Certified label can be achieved following successful completion of the OnCourse programmes for golf facility operations, new golf development, or golf tournaments.  

From local 9-hole courses to internationally renowned resorts, amateur events to golf’s most iconic tournaments …  certification is designed to be widely accessible, underpinned by an achievable Standard in the first instance, on a journey of ongoing commitment and continual improvement.


Advantages of GEO Certified

Advantages for a golf facility include golfer and staff pride, support for grants and funding, marketing opportunities, community and government relations and more.

A new golf development can expect to save money and time during design, construction and into long term operations, connect better with communities and planners, and communicate unique accomplishments at opening.

For golf tournaments, certification provides assurance for communications, is a new way to connect with sponsors, fans and communities, and is an important symbol in a world where sustainability and climate action are increasingly important for large-scale events to demonstrate.

Celebrate your environmental stewardship, climate action and community value!

GEO Certified is a widely regarded international ecolabel, administered by the not-for-profit GEO Certification Ltd., is fully Code Compliant with the ISEAL Alliance Codes of Good Practice, and has been developed over years with broad stakeholder involvement.

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