Teeing it up for the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge

Friday 1 June 2018

Macmillan Cancer Support Longest Day Golf Challenge

On the 21st of June, GEO Foundation and Global-Golf4-Cancer will team up to take on the Macmillan Cancer Support’s Longest Day Golf Challenge. Beginning at 5:30am, the team will aim to play 72-holes in 1-day across the Scottish Golf Coast’s own North Berwick West Links, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers Muirfield and Gullane - the host of the 2018 Scottish Open.

To support GEO Foundation and Global-Golf4-Cancer in the challenge, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/geofoundation 

GEO Foundation (GEO) is an international non-profit based in North Berwick, who are entirely dedicated to advancing sustainability in and through golf, providing a suite of support programs for golf clubs, new developments and tournaments called OnCourse®. GEO will partner on this exciting Longest Day Challenge with Global-Golf4-Cancer, an international non-profit that encourages golfers, and the golf community generally, to participate in Awareness Campaigns and Fundraising Events for the benefit of cancer sufferers worldwide.

Playing 4 rounds in a day will be no ‘walk in the park’ and equates to about 20 miles on the course from sunrise to sunset. Jonathan Smith, Executive Director at GEO Foundation said, “We’re all really looking forward to taking part in the Longest Day Golf Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We are extremely grateful to all four of the courses on Scotland’s Golf Coast for supporting the event, adding further to the great work they do for nature, resources and communities.”

Nick Edmund, the Founder of Global-Golf4-Cancer and its 4-Flag campaign commented, “I have known Jonathan for many years and am a huge admirer of GEO’s pioneering activities throughout the golfing world. Similarly, I am very familiar with the incredible work undertaken and the real difference that Macmillan Cancer Support makes in improving the lives of so many people ... Global-Golf-4-Cancer is therefore delighted to link with the GEO Foundation to support Macmillan’s Longest Day Challenge, and to ‘fly the flag’ for cancer sufferers on the 21st June”.

Both GEO Foundation and Global-Golf4-Cancer have personal connections to the work of Macmillan Cancer Support and impact the disease can have, which newly affects over 350,000 people in the UK every year and 14.1 million people globally. The event has raised over £9 million since 2002, providing emotional, practical and medical support when it is really needed.

To support GEO Foundation and Global-Golf4-Cancer in the challenge, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/geofoundation

More information about golf and sustainability, and all the other partners involved is available at www.sustainable.golf, @sustainablegolf and www.getoncourse.golf, and enquiries regarding OnCourse® should be directed to info@sustainable.golf.

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