Rain Bird Extend Support of Sustainable Golf

Thursday 30 March 2017

Rain Bird has partnered with international non-profit, the Golf Environment Organization (GEO). This relationship will build upon the two organizations’ shared interest in creating a stronger, more sustainable future for the entire golf industry.

Mohan Subramanian of Rain Bird and Sam Thomas of GEO at last week’s EIGCA Conference in Spain“This new, globally relevant relationship with GEO aligns with Rain Bird’s goal of helping golf courses maintain the best possible playing surfaces with less water,” said Mohan Subramanian, international sales manager for Rain Bird’s Golf Division. “We’re proud to be supporting GEO’s important and innovative work. We look forward to helping GEO raise awareness of the need for sustainable golf courses while simultaneously demonstrating the value of our water-efficient irrigation products.”

 “We are delighted to welcome Rain Bird aboard the sustainability platform that has been created with so many established partners,” said Jonathan Smith, CEO of GEO. “Rain Bird’s knowledge, insight and commitment to The Intelligent Use of Water™ will guide the ongoing development of industry solutions. Their support will also help us advance our advocacy and communications activities within the sector and promote golf’s positive aspects to a wider audience. We want to assist individual courses and the entire golf industry as we all adapt to an uncertain future with climate change and limited resources."  

GEO, an international non-profit, supports the global golf industry in its drive toward sustainability. By facilitating cross-industry partnerships, GEO has created support programs that spotlight the social and environmental value of golf courses, developments and tournaments. The OnCourse® program for golf courses supports facilities to uncover, improve and promote their value through a user friendly web app with expert guidance, practical reporting and analytical tools and inspirational real results from other courses. GEO also manages an internationally accredited, independently assessed certification system which provides credible recognition for facilities and developments committed to both people and the planet. 

To start using the OnCourse® program for golf courses visit www.getoncourse.golf. For more information about Rain Bird Golf, visit www.rainbird.com/golf. Learn more about GEO and sustainability’s role in the golf industry at www.golfenvironment.org

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