Climate Action

A positive contribution for golf, the environment and communities around the world.

It is often not possible to eliminate all all carbon emissions from your operations and there is now a simple and credible way to offset your emissions to become 'Carbon Neutral'. 

GEO can calculate your carbon footprint and then help you offset through a contribution to Golf's Climate Projects – a network of projects adopted through GEO Foundation’s partnership with the Gold Standard, a world leading standard for climate and sustainable development intervention projects.  

Contributions to these projects make a real difference toward one of the world’s biggest issues, and contributing into this fund also helps raise awareness of the collective commitment golf is taking to play its part in climate action.

How are the projects accredited?

The Gold Standard are a standard and certification body that works to ensure every dollar of climate and development funding goes as far as it can. All of Golf's Climate Projects are certified by The Gold Standard - so we know that they are credible, impactful and that our funding supports the delivery of clean energy and water, responsible management land and forests, and transforms the lives of the world’s poor. 

How Can I Get Involved?

If you would like to find out how to get involved and become a Climate Neutral golf facility or tournament,  please get in touch.