Sustainable Tournaments Public Consultation

We are seeking input from interested parties on the proposed international voluntary sustainability standard for 'Sustainable Golf Tournaments'. Setting an international voluntary standard for golf tournaments represents a significant step. It signals a consideration for the impacts and a protection of the integrity of the industry.

A voluntary sustainability standard can be defined as a set of criteria that an organisation can meet or exceed relating to a set of sustainability issues relevant to that industry.  

As a member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global association for credible sustainability standards, we are committed to ensuring that GEO standards are robust, relevant and will lead to real positive impact.  To ensure this, public consultation is a key way to ensure that transparency and input of interested stakeholders is taken into account.   


Golf tournaments have extraordinary reach and visibility. Accompanying this influence is both responsibility and opportunity. Golf tournaments have a responsibility to host communities and the surrounding environment to address the inevitable impacts associated with hosting a major event. Golf has the opportunity to embrace sustainability for valuable business benefits, prestigious global recognition and to ensure a positive legacy. 

The proposed voluntary sustainability standard criteria have now been drafted, consulted upon by the Expert Working Group and the public consultation process has now begun.

In line with ISEAL code of standard setting, two rounds of public consultation will be organised in order to allow all interested and affected parties to provide their comments and contribute to the process. 

Parties are welcome to comment using the comments form below on all or just some of the criteria, depending on their area of interest or expertise. 

First round consultation:  October 17th, 2016 - December 17th, 2016
Second round consultation: January 1st, 2017 - January 31st, 2017 


Golf Tournaments VSS Scoping Document
Background Information, Terms of Reference, and Scope of the standard being developed 

Public Consultation Feedback Form
Please respond to these questions and provide comments on specific criteria 

Golf Tournaments Voluntary Sustainability Standard 
Draft criteria being consulted upon 

Public Summary
A summary of background notes that have led to the development of the voluntary sustainability standard 

All comments will be taken into account, discussed and tested against current technical knowledge by the Expert Working Group for Tournaments and the GEO Advisory Council.  GEO's governance structures outlining how decisions are made can be found here.

GEO's standard setting process, including how comments are taken into account and decisions made are outlined in A5 GEO Standard Setting Procedures.

All formal drafts for consultation will be available in English.   If a group would like to be involved where this will act a barrier, please do not hesitate to contact us and GEO will accommodate accordingly. If you are interested in being considered as a member of the Expert Working Group, have any questions, or comments, please contact us at or +44 1620 895100.