Whenever there is due cause to review or revise part of the standard or a procedure, GEO manages the process in accordance with the ISEAL Standard-Setting Code; ensuring it is transparent, rigorous and involves consultation with stakeholders. 

This page provides a listing of current and recently completed consultations. Each listing contains a link for further information. We welcome feedback from all interested and/or materially affected interested parties.

Comments and Requests for Clarification

If you have any questions or comments about the criteria or the consultations, please contact Mona here

Work Programme

Standard Stage Description
GEO Certified® Club and Course Management Adopted 2012. To be revised 2017. As part of our cycle of standard revision the GEO golf facility management criteria are due to be revised in 2017/2018.  An expert working group is to be formed by December 2017, with public consultation planned for 2018.

Consultation documents will be added above for comment and consultation as they become available. Please contact us through the contact link above with questions or feedback. The Work Programme was last updated in September 2017. 

Consultation Archive

Topic Timing Further Information  
Development of GEO Certified® Re-Certification Criteria  October 2012 - March 2013 Click Here
GEO Certified® - New Developments Adopted November 2015 - August 2016 A voluntary sustainability standard for new developments and renovations of golf facilities that promotes sustainable practices from project planning and site selection of the facility to the opening day. The golf facility can then progress from the design and construction stages into the sustainable golf facility operations criteria - GEO Certified® Club and Course Management. Further information can be found here
GEO Certified® - Golf Tournaments Adopted June 2016-September 2017 A voluntary sustainability standard for golf tournaments that encourage and promote sustainable golf tournaments. Creating an international baseline for golf tournaments to achieve through their planning, staging and legacy. Further information can be found here