The purchasing decisions made by golf businesses can reduce the waste they produce on-site, as well as lowering the amount of resources used in manufacturing and transport. Selecting products that have recycled content and are entirely recyclable, ensures that materials and resources exist in a continual cycle of re-use and re-cycling. 

Recycling bins at GEO Certified™ Belas Clube de Campo, Portugal.By avoiding products with virgin, or first generation material as their content, every golf business can lessen the lifecycle pressure it exerts. Using recycled products, and those with easily recyclable content, saves energy and water, supports the recycling industry, and plays a major part in golf’s contribution to the green economy. Consumers continue to express preferences for ethically and environmentally sound products so manufacturers are increasing the amount of high-quality recycled products that are available.

Old for new
Buying recycled should be central to any purchasing policy. For office and clubhouse and pro-shop materials, opt for recycled paper, cardboard, plastics, crockery, napkins and many other day to day products and materials. 

GEO Certified™ Golf Della Montecchia Pro Shop

For new golf construction, the same applies. Building construction produces more than four times as much waste as the domestic sector. The environmental impact of extracting, processing and transporting construction materials, and then dealing with their waste, are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, toxic emissions, habitat and ecosystem destruction and resource depletion. 

Sourcing recycled construction materials really can make a difference. Recycled and recyclable products are now widespread and readily available: they include glass sands and recycled processing sands, crushed aggregates, compost derived soils, timber, steel, plastic geo-textiles and pipework.

On the Ground...

Broken Sound Club, USA Belas Clube de Campo, Portugal
Broken Sound Composting Belas Clube Waste Recycling
Broken Sound are at the top of the tree when it comes to recycling waste. A central composting facility creates a compost mulch from all course and clubhouse waste, this is spread on the course and in flowerbeds. The benefits are endless, from improving soil nutrient uptake and condition, through to projected savings of $120,000 per year thanks to lower fertilizer costs and waste haulage costs.
It is often the simplest solutions that have the greatest impacts. Belas Clube maximize their recycling efforts by providing bins like the ones shown above all around the facility. It may take a little bit more time when emptying the bins but its a small extra effort pays off when considering the environmental benefits and the positive influence passed on to all the staff members and golfers.