Supply Chain

Whenever we buy or consume, we have an impact. The products and services that golf uses can be carefully considered to ensure a fair deal for businesses and for our planet.

Strong links

By integrating social and environmental issues into purchasing decisions, golf can play its part in the drive to develop efficient, equitable, localized and lower carbon supply chains. From clubs to events, to manufacturers and tourism promoters, we can consume fewer and smarter materials while stimulating local supply chains.

When scaled across global golf, the impact of such decisions is enormous. Thousands of golf businesses, in thousands of regions around the world, can deliver valuable environmental innovations and social benefits through socially and environmentally responsible procurement policies.

Money talks

By changing purchasing patterns, we can invest in a greener future. Small decisions can have big consequences. Insisting that products are de-packaged before delivery, that packaging is re-used and recycled, and sourcing products that have a recycled and recyclable content, will have a huge positive impact.

For example, waste is just a product that needs processing and zero waste is a realistic target for most golf businesses. Communicating the progress we’re making to our customers adds to your business  through positive perceptions.

More and more people are equating sustainable products with high quality products - adding to customer satisfaction and loyalty.