Air, Water & Soil

WashpadAir, water and soil are the three natural resources most vulnerable to pollution. 

Changes to these elements can result in long-term biological and chemical imbalances that affect the quality of the environment. 
Golf can and should work to improve the quality of air, water and soil.


With attention to detail, especially during construction and management, and the application of best practice in golf course and club management, our industry can improve the quality of all three.

  • Focus on clean energy and efficiency to boost air qualityChemical Storage

  • Focus on naturalized attenuation systems to improve water quality

  • Use healthy ecosystems to clean both air and water, and protect soils

  • Source composts to enhance soil

  • Source local products to limit emissions

    On the Ground...

    Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Mexico
    Broken Sound Club, USA
    Moon Palace Broken Sound
    In the Mexican Caribbean golfers coexist with coati, crocodiles, jaguars, and a wide range of tropical birds. Moon Palace employs experts to monitor all animal populations and its highly trained course management team use 25% biological products in their turf programme. 7.5-metre buffers are observed around all water features. Environmental accomplishments at Broken Sound are extensive, touching on every aspect of operations and maintenance. The aim is for the site to have the net overall effect of being a biological filter. With seven specially trained pest and disease scouts, decisions on any chemical use are evaluated thoroughly.