OnCourse Sustainability Scorecard

New! The annual data you enter into OnCourse can now be used to help you easily track and communicate your current strengths and spot opportunities to progress – and save.

The OnCourse Sustainability Scorecard tracks the 32 Sustainability Metrics for Golf, giving you easy access to data and trends including the percentage of maintained turf area, water and energy usage, contribution to community, area of habitat, carbon footprint and more. 

Scorecard collage

Your Scorecard also calculates your Carbon Balance, a figure derived from your carbon emissions less the amount of carbon your land sequesters, or stores. As climate concerns rise, it is increasingly important to be able to quantify your emissions, and also the value your landscape brings.

Your Scorecard will be delivered after a confidential review of your data and practices by the OnCourse team, and you will receive:

  • Sustainability Scorecard showing each metric, for every year you have entered data. You can also receive recommendations on key things you might want to promote, and those you might want to improve.
  • Sustainability Review, a report providing an overview of your key practices, some of your highlight examples and also your infographics of your data.
  • Graphics pack with your data story prepared as infographics, to help you present your environmental and social value to staff, golfers and your local community.

Complete the annual data section of OnCourse for 1 to 3 years, then get in touch below to request your Scorecard. The OnCourse team will reply to acknowledge your request and then prepare the documents for you.