The Association of Golf Participation With Health and Wellbeing: A Comparative Study

Sorbie, G., Richardson, A. K., Glen, J., Hardie, S., Taliep, S., Wade, M., Broughton, L., Mann, S., Steele, J., & Lavallee, D (2020)

International Journal of Golf Science


Golf participation is comprised of activities likely to be beneficial to golfers’ health and wellbeing, including regular walking and social interactions. The study aimed to use a questionnaire to compare physical activity, social trust and personal wellbeing of golfers with national statistics. Furthermore, the study aimed to measure the association between golfers’ physical activity levels and self-efficacy for both golf and general exercise participation. Results demonstrated that golfers reported significantly different physical activity levels in comparison to the population of England. Golfers scored significantly higher on social trust and personal wellbeing compared to the population of the UK and England respectively. Golf and exercise self-efficacy were significantly associated with physical activity. The findings of the study demonstrate that, despite golfers having relatively lower levels of physical activity, golf participation is associated with psychological wellbeing. Implications for coaches focus on increasing awareness of the possible benefits of golf participation.

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