Forging Natural Links with Golf Courses

Emily K. Dobbs, Daniel A. Potter

American Entomologist


The highly publicized decline of bees, monarch butterflies, and other iconic pollinators inspires broad public empathy and can be a springboard for outreach education about insects and engaging local user groups in grassroots insect conservation (Colding et al. 2006Xerces Society 2012MonarchWatch 2015). This article highlights opportunities for entomologists to partner with golf courses (among the most ubiquitous open-space urban and peri-urban land types) for pollinator conservation, outreach education, teaching, and research. Forging such natural links can engage diverse target audiences, including golf industry staff, golfers, club members and guests, neighborhood associations, community groups, undergraduate and graduate students, and the general public. Golf courses are often just a short drive away from urban university campuses, making them accessible as sites for extension events, class field trips, or as study sites.

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